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Christina Cazanave, MSW  - Unit Chair

Vice President, Position Vacant
Secretary, Vacant
CONLI Chair, Vacant
BSW Student Ambassador, Vacant
MSW Student Ambassador, Vacant


(Updated 12/3/20)

Social Work Awards

Nomination for NASW unit awards are now open for the following:

  • Social Worker of the Year
  • Social Work Student of the Year
  • Social Work Educator of the Year
  • Public Citizen of the Year
  • Elected Office of the Year
  • Nature Coast Specific Unit Award: Rising to the Challenge Award

Click Here  for  the criteria for each award.

Deadline is January 15, 2021, to submit your nominations.

Leadership Opportunities

​​Unit Leadership recruitment continues, and we need a Vice Chair, Secretary, CONLI Chair, BSW and MSW student representatives.  We ask that you seriously consider joining the leadership team. It is important to have members from the various geographic areas of the unit.  We need to have social workers from the West side of the unit as well as the North join the leadership team.
Thank You,

Christina Cazanave, MSW  - Unit Chair