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NASW-FL offers the following homestudy courses, in a correspondence course type format.  When you order a course, you'll receive the book, audio CD, or booklet, along with a multiple choice test.  After you've read the information, complete the test and return it to NASW-FL.  We will grade the test and issue a CE Certificate of Completion to send to you and enter your CE credit into CE Broker.

If you would like to order any of these courses, or if you have any questions, please contact the Chapter office at 1-800-352-6279.

Prevention of Medical Errors
Meeting the licensure requirement for Medical Errors, this booklet from Beth Koon provides all the info you need to reduce your malpractice risk.

  • Booklet (2 CEs):  $25 members/$30 non-members

Ethical Standards in Social Work: A Review of the NASW Code of Ethics
The NASW Code of Ethics provides social workers with core values designed to help them make sound decisions. This book offers social workers a comprehensive analysis of the NASW Code of Ethics. Meets the licensure requirement for Ethics.

  • Book (3 CEs): $45 members/$54 non-members
  • Book (4 CEs): $55 members/$66 non-members
  • Book (5 CEs): $65 members/$78 non-members
  • Book (6 CEs): $75 members/$90 non-members

Psychopathology: A Competency-Based Assessment Model
Social workers Susan Gray and Marilyn Zide offer this trail-blazing approach to psychopathology, providing a competency-based model for individualized assessment.

  • Book (9 CEs or 1 hour per chapter): $120 members/$145 non-members

The New Marriage: Transcending the Happily-Ever-After Myth
Therapists Linda and Robert Miles provide tools to empower couples to transform their relationships—moving beyond happily-ever-after fantasies, and learning to create realistic, long-term adult relationships.

  • Book (3 CEs): $30 members/$36 non-members
  • Video (2 CEs): $20 members/$25 non-members

The Solo Partner: Repairing Your Relationship On Your Own
Phil DeLuca teaches successful methods of healing a relationship with only one of the partners, shifting the dynamics of power struggles in relationships, and preventing the frustrating cycle of pursuit & distance.

  • Book (4 CEs): $30 members/$36 non-members

Phil DeLuca expands on two concepts from his Solo Partner book. First, Reactivity discusses how to custom design a conflict resolution plan that can be implemented with or without cooperation of both parties. Next, Pursuit & Distance describes co-dependent relationships and how to change them for the better.

  • Pursuit & Distance VHS (2.5 CEs): $20 members/$25 non-members