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Welcome to the Department of Social Work at UWF!

Do you want to work with troubled children? Do you want to accomplish more with your career than just put in the time until you retire? Do you want the opportunity to help people who really need your help? If you do, the UWF Department of Social Work wants you and will give you the opportunity to make a difference.

Why Should You Choose Social Work?

Today’s social workers are highly trained professionals equipped with the tools to work with children and families, mental health clients, substance abusers, in hospitals and hospice services, and many more. With a graduate degree and additional clinical experience you can even establish a private practice and bill insurance companies for your services. Did you know that social workers provide the majority of mental health services in America?

Here at the University of West Florida we take great pride in our students and the preparation they receive to do great work in the community. If you want to join the profession that reaches out and raises hope for those in need, we welcome you to the path that will lead to a career in Social Work.