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​​Congratulations to our Social Work Award Winners!

Sondra Fogel, PhD, ACSW, LCSW  -- Social Work Educator of the Year (USF)
Karen Perez, LCSW -- Elected Official of the Year (Hillsborough County School Board District 6)

Ms. Sachia Setia -- Social Work Student of the Year (Saint Leo University)


Sharon Barber, LCSW, MCAP - Unit Chair

Unit Vice-chair
Dr. Brittany Peters, LCSW-FL, LCSW-CO,  LICSW-AL, MCAP, QS 

Chapter Committee on Nominations and Leadership Identification (CCNLI)

BSW Student Representative
Sachia Setia




In September 2015, the hashtag #KiyiyaVuranInsanlik trended on Twitter.  In English, the hashtag means, “humanity washed ashore.” This hashtag was in connection with the devastatingly sad image of a dead child on a beach near a Turkish resort.  The child, his family, and many others, at least 23 in that instance, were attempting to flee war torn Syria. The child was one of 12 who died on that journey.  I grieve for that child and his family, and for the many others, then and now, in places where war and armed conflict is a daily reality. 

The words, washed ashore, conveys lifelessness, loss of control, to be at the mercy of something or a thing that is stronger than you. Who of us wants to be in that position? Do social workers at times feel at the mercy of things stronger than us? Poverty. Hunger. Homelessness.  

Social workers do not accept that humanity has washed ashore without hope. It is a fact that while some are reveling in unprecedented wealth, others are without food, water, housing, or clothing. We recognize that humanity faces many social ills: hunger, poverty, homelessness, substance abuse, family dysfunction and mismanagement – I can go on and on; but humanity has not “washed ashore,” we are not lifeless, we are not dead but alive and well. Social workers care.  

We hear about social work as a profession in the stories of trailblazing women and men who valued human dignity through meeting basic human needs. It’s our time! 

NASW is a volunteer organization at the grassroots level. The achievements of NASW through the years were through volunteer members making a commitment to the social work profession. We need your membership and your engagement in your local Unit. When you are a member of the National Association of Social Workers, you are a member at the National, Chapter, and Unit levels (in our case, the Tampa Bay Unit).   

We may not be financially wealthy, but working together we are wealthy. There is wealth in numbers. As a national association, the NASW is wealthy.  Together we have the numbers to make change a reality for people who are vulnerable, and marginalized in our communities. We stand together and we are stronger together. 

But YOU are the key to change. Join the National Association of Social Workers AND become involved in your local unit.  Over the next three weeks our volunteers will be reaching out to new members. We want to welcome you to the Tampa Bay Unit and to invite your collaboration on our Unit’s activities and upcoming events.  

Looking forward to seeing you in October for our monthly networking session. 

Thank you, Steering Committee members and other volunteers, for your hard work!  

Sharon Barber, LCSW, MCAP
Tampa Bay Unit Chair

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