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Leadership Opportunities:  We Want You!

Get involved!  Unit leadership recruitment continues, and there are several opportunities and ways to get involved with our Unit!  We would be especially excited to have a BSW student representative as a part of our leadership team!  We are also looking for a Vice Chair, CCNL Chair, Legislative Chair, and Pace Chair.  We ask that you seriously consider joining our leadership team.

*Please Note: The Unit Steering Committee is comprised of Unit members seeking to actively participate in the development of Unit events, workshops and other activities

Do You Have an Idea for a CE Workshop?

Reach out and let us know!  We would love to hear your ideas and work with you to help you be able to present your workshop!  It’s a great way to build your public speaking skills and at the same time teach your fellow clinicians something new!  Email us at:

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Feel free to post CEU opportunities, networking events, positive thoughts and community concerns. Let's build our inclusive community and elevate our profession together!

​​​​Please contact Kimberly Devine with any ideas or concerns at


Kimberly Devine, LCSW, LMFT - Unit Chair

Kian Jacobs, LCSW EMDR Certified - Immediate Past Chair

Vacant- Vice Chair

Lisa Johnson, LCSW- Secretary

Vacant-CCNLI Chair

Vacant-Legislative Chair

Vacant- Pace Chair

Vacant – BSW Student Rep

Phoebe Cole and Christiana Keith  - MSW Co-Representatives 


Membership Chairs:
Itana Pinansky, LCSW (West Volusia County)
Erin Orjuela-Radziewicz, LCSW (East Volusia County)
Lisa Johnson, LCSW (Flagler County)

 Special Events Chair

 Emma Raistrick

CE Event  Chair

Angela Mastropiero, MSW, LSW Registered Clinical Social Work Intern 

Communications Chair

Itana Pinansky, LCSW

Angela Mastropiero, MSW, LSW Registered Clinical Social Work Intern


Social Work Month Celebration


Please visit the Events page for other opportunities.