Legislative Priorities

2022 Legislative Priorities

2022 Leg​islative Advocacy

NASW-FL is focusing our legislative advocacy efforts on 11 bills:

  1. Vote No on HB 7 / SB 148 and HB 57
  2. Vote Yes on HB 757 - Foster Youth Internship Program
  3. Vote Yes on HB 407/SB 1492: Prosecuting Children as Adults 
  4. Vote Yes on SB 1934: Solitary Confinement of Incarcerated Youth  
  5. Vote Yes on SB 858 (no companion bill): Fee Exemptions for Reunited Students 
  6. HB 899 / SB 1240: Mental Health of Students
  7. ​HB 1557: Parental Rights in Education
  8. ​Vote Yes on SB 1120 / HB 893: Child Welfare / Residential Treatment Programs 
  9. ​Vote Yes on Amendment to 491 Legislation
  10. ​Vote No on SB 1808 / HB 1355 Immigration Enforcement
  11. Vote Yes on SB 342 / HB 195: Juvenile Diversion Program Expunction

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Response to the Court

Ruling Overturning the Ban on Conversion Therapy

NASW-FL has 
issued a statement on a recent court ruling overturning a ban on conversion therapy for children under 18. We expect legislation banning conversion therapy to be introduced this session in the Florida Legislature.

NASW-FL will support this legislation as outlined in our 2021 Legislative Priorities. A special thanks to NASW members Allan Barsky, PhD, MSW and Fabio A. Naranjo, PhD, MSW for their input on the statement.

Click here to read the full statement.

​​​​​​​​​Each year, the NASW-FL Board of Directors approves its overall advocacy agenda. This agenda is a broad perspective of our overall goals for the session and what we stand for as an association. Later, as bills are filed with the Florida Legislature, this agenda will be our guide for what bills to support or oppose. It also helps direct our action when the Governor’s office or other executive agencies create new policies that impact our profession or our clients.

2022 LEAD

Thank you to everyone who participate and assisted with the planning, training and setting up the meetings with legislators.  You made LEAD 2022 a huge success.


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