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NASW-FL is following a large number of bills as the 2024 legislative session progresses, 

This bill status list is inclusive of all the legislative priorities.  As the session moves forward, the list will be narrowed down.

2024Legislative Priorities

2024 Bill Status

Response to the Court

Ruling Overturning the Ban on Conversion Therapy

NASW-FL has 
issued a statement on a recent court ruling overturning a ban on conversion therapy for children under 18. We expect legislation banning conversion therapy to be introduced this session in the Florida Legislature.

NASW-FL will support this legislation as outlined in our 2021 Legislative Priorities. A special thanks to NASW members Allan Barsky, PhD, MSW and Fabio A. Naranjo, PhD, MSW for their input on the statement.

Click here to read the full statement.