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(Updated 11/13/18)

It’s time to wrap up our fall semester here at Warner University. We celebrated our 50th year at homecoming weekend. We continue to learn the stories of our students with our overall theme this year of #MyStory. Students organized early to educate themselves and fellow students to get out and vote. We have hosted several presentations from professional social workers in the field. Warner will host Michiel Crawford and Kelly Talent from the Heartland Unit who will speak to social work students about joining NASW and understanding how NASW supports them to be successful from campus to their professional careers. Students are excited about the opportunity to join the Heartland Unit at their upcoming meet and greet on December 8, 2018.

We are so proud of our student athletes here at Warner University. This semester they have supported local food banks and assisted at Special Olympics. Our students remain engaged in many ways to support our community.

Warner University Mascot

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To learn more about why we are the Royal Nation please visit: http://www.warner.edu/did-you-know-warners-royal-nation/