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(Updated 1/10/19)

It’s time to kick off our spring semester here at Warner University. Several students joined the Heartland Unit for their meet and greet pot luck meeting (pictured below).  Two students have been identified that are wanting to take a more active role with our local NASW-FL unit! The spring brings excitement for social workers. We continue to learn the stories of our students with our overall theme this year of #MyStory. Students are beginning to prepare for LEAD day this semester.  We look forward to an exciting semester. 

                                   ​2018 NASW-FL Heartland Unit Holiday Meet and Greet: (L-R) Host family and Heartland
                                   Unit member Sara, April, Warner students, Heartland Unit members: Penne and Peggy.

​          Warner students                                                                              (Students Tyne with Heartland member, Sara who hosted the meet and                                                                                                                           greet)

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