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There are no local events planned at this time.  Please visit the Events page for other opportunities.

If you know of a speaker or a topic you would like presented please contact a Steering Committee member.


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(Updated 10/16/18)

The Heartland Unit of NASW is currently looking forward to their Meet and Greet Pot Luck & Bonfire on Saturday at 4:00 pm located at 8915 Pincrest Drive in Lakeland, Fl., on December 8, 2018 if you are interested in attending please attending please contact the Heartland Unit NASW Chair Melva Dorsey, MSW, for further details. We look forward to this festive event where social workers come together enjoying good food, good company, laughter and an opportunity to empower one another as we do so well for others. You are welcome to join us; bring your best dish.

On another note, the Heartland Unit is advancing their efforts to engage social work students as it pertains to educating them about the many opportunities that memberships avail them. We recognize that social work students are moving toward future leadership and the Heartland Units desires to engage them now as mentors willing to go the extra mile to get students involved in the values and beauty of social work through NASW membership.

Melva Dorsey,

Unit Chair

“Social entrepreneurs are not content just to give a fish or teach how to fish. They will not rest until they have revolutionized the fishing industry.” 
― Bill Drayton, Leading Social Entrepreneurs Changing the World