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SW Month Celebration

Volusia Flagler had a successful March 8 event to celebrate SW month at local LPGA resort in Daytona. A big piece of the success is that everyone seemed to have a genuine good time. We hope to keep this momentum as we plan for the coming year.

May, 2019

The newly assembled Steering Committee will be meeting May 18. If you are interested in helping out, volunteering time, participating with input into your choice for continuing education credits, and networking with a new group of professionals, please contact unit chair Kian Jacobs at
volusiaflagler.naswfl@socialworkers.org. Future events are currently in development and are fluid, open to change.

All are encouraged to sign up.

We are fortunate to have a diverse group of counselors, bringing years of experience and a vast array of skills to our Volusia Flagler Steering Committee. Take a minute to become more acquainted with your representatives!

Continuing Education

Daniel Michaud-Novak

  • Licenses and Certifications: LCSW, LCAC, ACSW, EMDR Certified Therapist
  • Education: BSW, MSW, PhD (Indiana University)
  • Area of interest: PTSD, pervasive developmental trauma, attachment, sexual addiction

Douglas Taylor

  • Licenses and Certifications: Registered SW Intern
  • Experience: Retired State of CT DCF (20 years), experience with children & families including investigations, counseling, presentations.
  • Currently Director for licensure of foster families West Volusia County United Methodist.

Erin Orjuela-Radziewicz

  • Licenses and Certifications: LCSW
  • Education: MSW Fordham University, Psychoanalytic Training Institute, New Hope Guild.
  • Originated from: NY, NY.
  • Currently employed in Case Management at Advent Health Deland Emergency Room and Columbia University Field Supervisor.
  • Area of interest: Learning more about available services to people in Florida.
  • Membership and Event Planning Flagler County

Kim Devine

  • Licensing and Certification: LCSW, working toward EMDR Certification.
  • Experience: Medical social work and private practice for 17 years
  • Currently running Get Off the Couch Counseling LLC, specializing in Walk Talk Therapy.
  • Originates from NH and relocated to FL 2012.
  • Membership and Event Planning Volusia County

 Angela Mastropiero

  • Licensing and Certification: Registered SW Intern.
  • Currently working with and supervising peers for a population designated for home based counseling addicted mothers.
  • Originates from NJ, new relocation.

Communications and Social Media

Itana Pinansky

  • Licensing and Certification: LCSW.
  • Originates from CA, but spent most of life in FL.
  • Education: BSW and MSW from University of South Florida.
  • Currently working in hospice, serving Volusia and Flagler County with Advent Health.

Event Coordinator Volusia County

Emma Raistrick

  • Licensing and Certification: Registered SW Intern.
  • Originally from VA, BSW & MSW with a focus in SA.
  • Currently employed as an OP therapist with Chrysalis Health. Working with co-occurring 
  • disorders.

Event Coordinator, Flagler Palm Coast

Liz Villenueva

  • Licensing and Certification: LMHC.
  • Liz is highly skilled in private practice management and marketing, accounting and community networking. Liz is also an advocate for self-care.

 Unit Chair

Kian F Jacobs

  • Licensing and Certification: LCSW.
  • Origin is CA and CT. MSW Smith College Northampton, MA.
  • Private Practice and Community Counseling with a focus in trauma recovery. Consultation with interns, consultation with local addiction recovery, and clinical focus for trauma informed care, certified EMDR clinician.

Back-Up Consultants

● Teresa Wright, MSW school social worker

  • Retired Event Planner (13 years with VF NASW)

Patrick Obrien, LCSW,
retired Veteran Adm counselor.

A close member of our social work community recently lost their husband this week. We know strength will pull her through. Love and prayers to Itana Pinansky and her family. So sorry for your loss.

Please see below:

As many in the Jewish community already have been made aware, Nick Pinansky died unexpectedly on January, 8, 2019. Nick leaves behind our friend Itana, and his two gorgeous daughters, Samara, age 3, and Rosalie, age 2.

The girls currently attend the part-time preschool program at the Roth Family Jewish Community Center.

In the wake of Nick’s death, Itana will have several new expenses and one less income in her household. She currently works part time as a Hospice Social Worker, but will most likely have to move to full time to receive healthcare and other benefits necessary to care for her family.

The JCC has graciously extended the maximum financial assistance possible to the Pinansky family so that the girls can continue their preschool education. However, there are other costs and fees involved, and the girls may need to attend the all-day program in order for Itana to work full time and have childcare.

My hope in creating this fund is to allow Samara and Rosalie to continue to be cared for in a safe and familiar place without financial burden.

The donations you contribute to this fund will be paid directly to the JCC in an account for the girls’ education and child care needs, and will be tax deductible.

To donate, go here 
https://orlandojcc.org/donate and make sure you designate your donation to “The Pinansky Tuition Fund.”

Please feel free to share this post in an effort to reach as many people who are able to help.

Thank you so much for your support for the Pinansky family.

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​​​​Please contact me with any ideas or concerns at  volusiaflagler.naswfl@socialworkers.org


Kian Jacobs, LCSW, EMDR Certified - Unit Chair



Marilyn DeLeura, LCSW

 Special Events Chair

 Teresa Wright, MSW

Membership Chair

Angela Mastropiero 

Unit Secretary

Barbara Hope
Legislative/ PACE Chair


Communications Chair

Itana Pinansky 

Member –at-Large

Phyllis LaVigna, LCSW


Join NASW today! 1-800-742-4089



No cost opioid training. Full day meal included, Daytona Beach. Details to follow.

2019 Volusia/Flagler Unit Award Winners

Social Worker of the Year:  Kian F. Jacobs LCSW 
Elected Official of the Year:  Sheriff Michael J Chitwood  
Public Citizen of the Year:  Pastor Donna Choate
Public Citizen of the Year:  Mark Geallis  

March 8 , 2019,  SW Month Celebration VF Unit