Relaxed open group discussion of a difficult subject. Focused overall on therapist safety..

​​​​(Updated 2/18/20)

On January 29, 2020, we held the a 2-CE workshop:  Maternal Depression and How it Informs Practice, presented by Erin Orjuela, LCSW & Kian Jacobs, LCSW at Get Off The Couch Counseling in Palm Coast by our hostess Kim Devine, LCSW.

There was a case study presented by Angela Mastropiero, LSW & Registered Clinical Social Work Intern. Paternal depression was also covered as this is an area that is often overlooked in postpartum cases.

The content was found to be relevant to current practice and received high marks from all attendees. The group conceded the subject worthy of forming a study group for continued knowledge, skills and applications. Our first study group will be held on May 13, 2020 at Get off the Couch Counseling in Palm Coast. 

On February 7, 2020, the steering committee met to plan the 2020/2021 unit positions and CEU events up to March 2021. Kian will be transitioning to Vice Chair and Kim Devine, LCSW was open to running for chair position in the upcoming election.

Current delegated the positions:

CEU Event Coordinator/Events Planner and Treasurer to Emma Raistrick, Registered Clinical Social Work Intern. 

We have such a large area the group thought it prudent to have multiple chairs available for area needs. Our new membership chairs will be Erin Orjuela, LCSW for the Daytona Beach area, Itana Pinansky, LCSW for West Volusia County area, and Lisa Johnson, LCSW for the Palm Coast/Flagler area.

Our Ethics Committee will be comprised of Kian F. Jacobs, LCSW, Emma Raistrick, Registered Clinical Social Work Intern, Erin Orjuela, LCSW, Lisa Johnson, LCSW and Angela Mastropiero, Registered Clinical Social Work Intern. 

Kim Devine, LCSW, Itana Pinansky, LCSW and Angela Mastropiero, Registered Clinical Social Work Intern will steward the Unit Communications Committee. 

Our steering committee always welcomes new members or visitors and our meetings are held at various locations in the area to service all member's needs. If you would like to attend our meetings or have suggestions for CEUs and/or events please visit our Facebook page. NASW Volusia Flagler Unit or feel free to contact us!

We were excited for the group's upcoming CEU content and events being held in 2020/21.

Tentative Plan: 

September: starting the season off with a relaxed but energetic speed networking event. We are looking for all disciplines to participate in this event, watch for notifications. 

October: 3 CEU event on Adolescent depression/anxiety and how technology plays a role in that

November:  2 CEU recovery panel event - how modern times are affecting recovery and current trends panel/event. If you’re in the recovery field, come learn about recovery organizations and the support they can provide, alternative methods other than traditional 12 step groups, such as Buddhism and other holistic recovery methods like acupuncture to integrate into practice. 

January of 2021: 2 CEU Social Work Event Ethics in Practice.

May of 2021: 2 CEU event on neuropsychology and how it integrates into clinical social work/mental health therapy.   

We encourage all members, and nonmembers, all professions to participate, and contact us with ideas and suggestions.

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Kian Jacobs, LCSW, EMDR Certified - Unit Chair


CEU Event Coordinator & Membership Chair
Angela Mastropiero

Erin Orjuela-Radziewicz 

Douglas Taylor 



 Special Events Chair

 Emma Raistrick

CEU Event Coordinator Volusia/Flagler County Special Events Chair

Angela Mastropiero 

CEU Event Coordinator & Membership, Flagler Palm Coast
Kim Devine

Liz Villanueva 

Communications Chair

Itana Pinansky

Back-Up Consultants

Teresa Wright, MSW - School Social Worker, Past Special Events Chair for 13 years with VF NASW

Patrick Obrien, retired Veteran Administration counselor.



​​​April 10, 2020 • Virtual
*NASW-FL Volusia/Flagler Unit presents "Virtual Yappy Hour" with Kian Jacobs and Kim Devine from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
We would like to check in with our peers—health, practice, coping, and both struggles and positive events. What’s working, what's not?  Feel free to invite your pet to this meeting. This is a special event, for the first time everybody will be home based. 

Beautiful setting directly on the Halifax River at Caribbean Jacks Daytona Beach. Great food and 2 CEU's.

Kian Jacobs, LCSW & Kim Devine, LCSW introduce the topic of Dangerous Clients: Assessment Documentation & Liability

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