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Hello, Social Workers!  

I hope everyone had an enjoyable summer and that you're off to the beginning of a great new season. We're getting off to a great start with respect to planning our NASW upcoming season. We have our next steering committee meeting on Sunday, Sept 10 at 2 pm in WPB. We encourage anyone who has a little time and some interest in getting involved to join us at this planning meeting. I promise we won't rope you into doing more than you want. We appreciate having people share their thoughts and ideas even if you don't take on a larger role. We're an enthusiastic group of amazing social workers and we appreciate having more voices and bodies.

As a reminder, we offer 8 opportunities for 8 CE hours, 8 sponsored dinners and 8 networking events in our season that runs from Sept through May (2nd Monday in PBG, 3rd Monday in Boca) as well as a sprinkling of other events throughout that includes our annual March Social Work Awards Event! We can definitely use help planning some of these events.

Please visit  to see what events  are already scheduled. Sept 11th on crossover symptoms, Sept 18th on narcissism, Oct 9th on the therapists tool box and Oct 16 on neurobiology are already filling up fast!

Also, we encouraged everyone to get to know our sponsors. If you believe they could be a good fit for any of your clients, we encourage you to send some business their way! 

So far this season our sponsors are:

  • Transformations Treatment Center - Sept. 11 Crossover Symptoms:  Medical and Mental Health
  • Transformations Treatment Center - Sept. 18 Narcissism: The Impact and Treatment Options
  • Palm Partners -  Oct. 9 Therapist Tool Box
  • Gatehouse Treatment Center - Oct. 16 Integrating Interpersonal Neurobiology into Couples Therapy
  • Gatehouse Treatment Center - Nov. 13

Hope to see everyone soon!

Joyce Lampert, LCSW


​​There are no local events planned at this time.  Please visit the Events page for other opportunities.


Joyce Lampert, LCSW - Unit Chair

Patricia Goodrich, MSW – Northern Sub-Unit Chair

​Sharon O'Halloran, LCSW, ACSW, BCD - Vice Chair

Sally Valentine, PhD, LCSW - Southern Sub-Unit Co–Chair

Vivienne Steinhardt, LCSW - Southern Sub-Unit Co–Chair

Mya Breman LCSW - Secretary

Bridget Trenkle, LCSW – Membership Chair

Andres Torrens, LCSW - Legislative Chair

Debra Fox, LCSW - Sponsorship Chair

Leon Melnitsky - Technology Chair

Darian Matos - FAU MSW Student Ambassador

Alyse November LCSW  – Committee Member

Arlene Englander, LCSW, MBA - Committee Member

Deborah Nesbit, LCSW, ACSW - Committee Member

Eva Nowakowski, PhD, LCSW, MPH - Committee Member

Barbara Brakel, ACSW - Member-at-Large

Linda Kartell, LCSW - Member-at-Large

Clarinda Shabazz, LCSW - CCNLI Chair

Leigh Routman, MSW, ACSW - Committee Member

Elmer Higgins - Barry MSW Student Ambassador