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Hello, Social Workers!  

Wow...this year has flown by! I hope you'll agree that we've had quite an amazing NASW season so far. We continue to work hard to bring amazing programming opportunities to our social work community.

We began the season in August with our Welcome Back picnic. We continued strong with two monthly CE's in August, September, October and November. What this meant was that social workers, NASW members and non members had 8 opportunities for 8 CE hours, 8 sponsored dinners and 8 networking events! We also had a really fun holiday party where we raised money for two wonderful local non profits! Jacob Webb from Dessert Rose Recovery generously sponsored this lovely event.

Please visit to see what events are coming up.  The left column is a sneak peak of some of the events you'll find. Please mark your calendars!

We encouraged everyone to get to know our sponsors. If you believe they could be a good fit for any of your clients, we encourage you to send some business their way! 

They are:

  • Jacob Webb from Desert Rose Recovery - Holiday party and Nov. CE in PBG
  • Justin Gaines from GreenpointMed Healthcare Solutions - Sept. PBG and Boca meetings
  • Quentin Hennessey: Sovereign Health Group - Oct. PBG and Boca meetings
  • Eric Nach, Ph.D. Support for Student Growth Center - Nov. Boca meeting
  • Ellen Miller from Horizon Nurses  - Feb. PBG and Boca Raton meetings
  • Heidi Freidman, Elder Law Department - March meeting

In the meantime, I hope everyone has a safe, enjoyable and festive holiday. 2017 is just around the corner. Let's make it fabulous!

Joyce Lampert, LCSW




There are no local events planned at this time.  Please check the Events page for other opportunities.


Joyce Lampert, LCSW - Unit Chair

Patricia Goodrich, Registered Clinical Social Work Intern – Northern Sub-Unit Chair

Sally Valentine, PhD, LCSW - Southern Sub-Unit Co–Chair

Vivienne Steinhardt, LCSW - Southern Sub-Unit Co–Chair

Mya Breman LCSW - Secretary

Bridget Trenkle, LCSW – Membership Chair

Andres Torrens, LCSW - Legislative Chair

Debra Fox, LCSW - Sponsorship Chair

Laura Zel, LCSW - Immediate Past Chair


Leon Melnitsky - Barry MSW Student Ambassador and Technology Chair

Darian Matos - FAU Student Ambassador

Carol Cappiello - Transitional Members Chair

Samantha Chalal – Committee Member

Arlene Englander, LCSW, MBA - Committee Member

Deborah Nesbit, LCSW, ACSW - Committee Member

Eva Nowakowski, PhD, LCSW, MPH - Committee Member

Barbara Brakel, ACSW - Member-at-Large

Linda Kartell, LCSW - Member-at-Large

Clarinda Shabazz, LCSW - CCNLI Chair