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(Updated 1/13/21)

Recently I received a “Construction Notice” in the mail from the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA).  There would be some “short term construction …. that could impact travel in your neighborhood” read the notice.  It ended with an invitation for the residents affected to be “patient” as the result would be improved, modern, and faster transportation service to the beach where I live.

No construction site is pretty to look at; and it can get loud and noisy outside my front door.  Big equipment moves in and out of the area, carrying large pipes that go underground that no one will ever see once the pavement that was dug up to replace the old, worn out pipes have been repaved.  The good news is that during construction, there are times of quiet and rest, from the work and from the chaos.  And we will get better at what we do.  We are essential.

The Tampa Bay Unit newsletter this month is sort of a construction notice, but for the social work profession, obviously. You and I cannot, must not, let this moment pass by without our active involvement. I assure you that the outcome is good -- Social Work will continue to be recognized by more and more individuals, governmental agencies, organizations, and others as the essential profession it is. Moreover, today’s social workers will have advanced the profession by creating substantial and meaningful change to match the pioneering work of prior social workers.  

What can you do? What is in your hand? I suggest you start where you are, a theme we are familiar with because we “meet the client where they are.” Creativity and cultural sensitivity are enormous traits to have and build upon.   

I am looking forward to meeting you at an event this year.  Please check back here regularly for the monthly events being planned. However, a virtual Social Work Networking event is scheduled for the first Friday of each month at 10:00 AM. Encourage a social worker today. We are absolutely going to get better. Best wishes for 2021.

#socialworkmonth2021 #socialworkersareessential

Sharon Barber, LCSW, MCAP
Tampa Bay Unit Chair

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​​Congratulations to our Social Work Award Winners!

Sondra Fogel, PhD, ACSW, LCSW  -- Social Work Educator of the Year (USF)
Karen Perez, LCSW -- Elected Official of the Year (Hillsborough County School Board District 6)

Ms. Sachia Setia -- Social Work Student of the Year (Saint Leo University)


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