PACE Endorsements for the 2018 Mid-Term Elections
NASW’s Political Action for Candidate Election (PACE) Committee is registered as a political action committee at the federal and state levels. PACE is a non-partisan organization that makes its decisions based on a combination of voting records, candidate statements and other factors. NASW-FL PACE is run by a volunteer leadership team comprised of NASW members from across the State. The following lists NASW-FL’s endorsements for the 2018 General Election. The Federal endorsements for congress from Florida are found on the National website .

Social Workers in Local Races

Katharine Campbell, City Commissioner - Wilton Manors
Nancy Makar, Hernando County Commissioner District 4
Cheryl McDougall, County School Board District 2 - Brevard County
Mitch Rosenwald, City Commissioner - Oakland Park
Karen Perez, Hillsborough County School Board, District 6

State Wide Races

Andrew Gillum (D) - Governor
Sean Shaw (D) - Attorney General

Florida Senate

Aaron Bean (R) - District 4
Kayser Enneking (D) District 8
Melissa Martin (D) District 14
Amanda Murphy (D) District 16
Janet Cruz (D) District 18
Gayle Herrell (R) District 25
Annette Taddeo (D) District 40

Florida House

Tracye Polson (D) - District 15 (Social Worker)
Jason Haeseler (D) - District 21
Lee Mangold (D) - District 28
Anna Eskamani (D) - District 47
Amy Mercado (D) - District 48
Carlos Guillermo Smith (D) - District 49
Pamela Dirschka (D) - District 50
Phil Moore (D) - District 53

Debra Bellanti (D) District 60
Fentrice Driskell (D) District 63
Jennifer Webb (D) District 69
Tracy Pratt (D) District 71
Margaret Good (D) District 72
Liv Coleman (D) District 73
Emma Collum (D) District 93
Cindy Sofia Polo (D) District 103
Javier Fernandez (D) District 114
Jeffrey Solomon (D) District 115
Holly Raschein (R) District 120

If you would like to volunteer to work on campaigns please contact NASW-FL at 1-800-352-6279 or email: .

The PACE Committee, along with representatives from each of our 18 local units,  is made up of the following tack forces. 

PACE Board
PACE Fund Raising Task Force


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