The annual Social Work Awards  honor outstanding professionals and members of the community at the local, state, and national level.  Awards are given in the following categories:

  • Social Worker of the Year
  • Social Work Student of the Year
  • Social Work Educator of the Year
  • Public Citizen of the Year
  • Elected Official of the Year

Awards are considered at the local unit level, and recipients are honored at their unit’s Social Work Month event in March.  Unit winners are then considered at the state level. 

awards nominations are Open until December 14, 2018.

The Conference offers an unparalleled opportunity to network with colleagues, meet with our expert presenters, and gain new knowledge and skills.  

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NASW’s Political Action for Candidate Election (PACE) Committee is registered as a political action committee at the federal and state levels. PACE is a non-partisan organization that makes its decisions based on a combination of voting records, candidate statements and other factors. NASW-FL PACE is run by a volunteer leadership team comprised of NASW members from across the State. The following lists NASW-FL’s endorsements for the 2018 General Election. The Federal endorsements for congress from Florida are found on the National website www.socialworkers.org .

Social Workers in Local Races

  • Katharine Campbell, City Commissioner - Wilton Manors - Lost
  • Nancy Makar, Hernando County Commissioner District 4 - Lost
  • Cheryl McDougall, County School Board District 2 - Brevard County - Won
  • Mitch Rosenwald, City Commissioner - Oakland Park - Lost
  • Karen Perez, Hillsborough County School Board, District 6 - Won
  • Laura Dortch Edler, Escambia County School Board, District 3 - Won
  • Katherine Wilborn, Melbourne Beach Town Commissioner at Large - Lost

State Wide Races

  • Andrew Gillum (D) - Governor - Recount
  • Sean Shaw (D) - Attorney General - Lost

Florida Senate

  • Aaron Bean (R) - District 4 - Won
  • Kayser Enneking (D) District 8 - Lost
  • Melissa Martin (D) District 14 - Lost
  • Amanda Murphy (D) District 16 - Lost
  • Janet Cruz (D) District 18 - Recount
  • Gayle Herrell (R) District 25 - Won
  • Annette Taddeo (D) District 40 - Won

Florida House

  • Tracye Polson (D) - District 15 (Social Worker) - Lost
  • Jason Haeseler (D) - District 21 - Lost
  • Lee Mangold (D) - District 28 - Lost
  • Anna Eskamani (D) - District 47 - Won
  • Amy Mercado (D) - District 48 - Won
  • Carlos Guillermo Smith (D) - District 49 - Won
  • Pamela Dirschka (D) - District 50 - Lost
  • Phil Moore (D) - District 53 - Lost
  • Debra Bellanti (D) District 60 - Lost
  • Fentrice Driskell (D) District 63 - Won
  • Jennifer Webb (D) District 69 - Won
  • Tracy Pratt (D) District 71 - Lost
  • Margaret Good (D) District 72 - Won
  • Liv Coleman (D) District 73 - Lost
  • Emma Collum (D) District 93 - Lost
  • Cindy Sofia Polo (D) District 103 - Won
  • Javier Fernandez (D) District 114 - Won
  • Jeffrey Solomon (D) District 115 - Lost
  • Holly Raschein (R) District 120 - Won

National Races

Senate Seat

  • Bill Nelson - Senate - Recount

Congressional Seats

  • Mary Barzee-Flores (District 25) - Lost
  • Kristen Carlson (District 15) - Lost
  • Kathy Castor (District 14) - Won
  • Lois Frankel (District 21) - Won
  • Alcee Hastings (District 20) - Won
  • Yvonne Hayes-Hinson (District 3) - Lost
  • Chris Hunter (District 12) - Lost
  • Debbie Mucarsel-Powell (District 26) - Won
  • Donna Shalala (District 27) - Won
  • David Shapiro (District 16) - Lost
  • Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (District 23) - Won
  • Frederica Wilson (District 24) - Won
  • Jennifer Zimmerman (District 1) - Lost
  • Sanjay Patel (District 8) - Lost
  • Darren Soto (District 9) - Won

Thank you for voting!

Hurricane Michael Resources

Hurricane Michael caused severed damage to the Florida Panhandle.  There are resources available to people who are affected. Please note that some assistance has application deadlines.


Social Work Awards


General Hours = 25

Ethics: 3 hours required for license renewal

Prevention of Medical Errors: 2 hours required for renewal - Must be taken from a Board approved Medical Errors provider. Approved courses are listed in CEBroker.

Domestic Violence: 2 hours required every 3rd license renewal. These hours are included in the 25 general hours.

Laws and Rules Update: 3 hours required every 3rd license renewal. These hours are required every third biennium and are included in the 25 general hours.

Supervision Update: 4 hours - These hours are required every third biennium and are included in the 25 general hours.  This course is only required for Qualified Supervisors.

Registered Clinical Social Work Intern CE Requirements

There are no requirements that a registered intern must obtain continuing education.  However, registered CSW interns may choose to complete the 8 hour laws and rules course, 3 hour HIV/AIDS and 2 hour domestic violence  requirement for licensure while a registered intern.

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PACE Endorsements 

Mid-Term Elections Results 


NASW Florida Chapter

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Toll-Free:  1-800-352-6279

Local:  (850) 224-2400

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Social Work Conference 2019 Sponsors and Exhibitors

The Annual Social Work Conference Call for Proposalsand Posters is open.  The  deadline is November 30.

This year there are seven Program Tracks:

Emerging Issues in Practice: Telehealth; Evidence-Based Practice; Outcomes; Measuring Fidelity; Program Implementation
Leadership and Supervision: Leadership Approaches and Models; Leadership Development; Best Practices in Social Work Supervision; Reflective Supervision; Grand Challenges

Macro Practice: Case Management; Social and Economic Justice; Ethics and Professional Standards; Community Engagement; Court Systems, Social Service Systems Sustainability

Clinical Practice: Special Populations; Alcohol, Tobacco and Drug Treatment/Interventions; Group Practice; School Social Work; Medical Social Work; Private Practice

Child Welfare: Family Intervention; Trauma-Informed Approaches; Chronic Child Abuse & Neglect; Parenting Interventions; Foster Care and Adoptions; Critical Decision-Making

Diversity and Inclusion: Race and Ethnicity; Gender Identity; Sexual Orientation; Ideology; Critical Thinking; Cultural Humility, Implicit Biases 

Social Work Education:  innovative research, teaching methods and learning styles, integrating research in teaching, incorporating diversity and inclusion in teaching, micro-macro practice, field education approaches, inspiring critical thinking in the classroom.

To join, renew or rejoin your NASW please call  NASW Member Services at 1-800-742-4089, M-F 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. or visit membership services online.