2024 Leadership Nominations

In 2019, Florida passed the Telehealth Bill which establishes standards of practice for telehealth services, including patient evaluations, record-keeping, and controlled substances prescribing. The bill also authorizes out-of-state health care practitioners to perform telehealth services for patients in Florida upon meeting certain eligibility requirements and registering with the department.

The Florida Department of Health has created a website that allows interested parties to sign up for updates and register to become an out-of-state telehealth provider. More information, please visit:

Thank You to our Sponsors, presenters and everyone who attended the Annual Conference. We hope you found the conference professionally rewarding and inspiring.

We will process the CEs and email the certificates of attendance in workshop order.  If you have a FL license, we will report your CEs.  Out-of-state licensees will need to self-report.

Social Work Month Theme - The Time is Right for Social Work

It is very important these interns begin final preparations by evaluating the completion of their supervised experience and applying for Licensure by Exam. We will continue to issue exam approval to those social work and marriage and family therapy interns who need to pass the exam after their license has expired. Mental Health Interns do not need exam approval and may contact the NBCC at any time to register. For more information on how to register for the exam, please direct interns to our website at:

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​​​​​​General Hours = 25

Ethics and Boundaries or Provision of Teletherapy : 3 hours - In alternating biennial renewal periods, the licensee shall complete either.

Prevention of Medical Errors: 2 hours required for renewal - Must be taken from a Board approved Medical Errors provider. Approved courses are listed in CEBroker.

Domestic Violence: 2 hours required every 3rd license renewal. These hours are included in the 25 general hours.

Laws and Rules Update: 3 hours required every 3rd license renewal. These hours are required every third biennium and are included in the 25 general hours.

Supervision Update: 4 hours - These hours are required every third biennium for Qualified Supervisors only and are included in the 25 general hours. NOTE: Not required for renewal until 03/31/2023.  This means if you already took the course, you will need to start taking the course every third biennium. Example:  If you took the course this renewal cycle, you will take it again during the 2023-2025 renewal cycle.

Registered Clinical Social Work Intern CE Requirements

There are no requirements that a registered intern must obtain continuing education.  However, registered CSW interns may choose to complete the 8 hour laws and rules course, 3 hour HIV/AIDS and 2 hour domestic violence  requirement for licensure while a registered intern.

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To join, renew or rejoin your NASW please call  NASW Member Services at 1-800-742-4089, M-F 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. or visit membership services online.

"5-Year Rule" Update



Update for 491 Registered Clinical Social Work Interns affected by the “5-year rule” whose internship permanently expires March 31, 2022.  

What is the problem and who it impacts: 

It is estimated that more than 2,000 Florida Registered Clinical Social Work Interns, who are registered over 5 years come March 2022, are slated to lose their Intern status. This means, they will be “dropped” and no longer able to identify and work as “clinical” social workers. The law is very clear, as written, that those affected will not be able to re-apply, although there is an up-to two-year extension if supervision wasn’t completed at that time.  The law clearly states there is NO extension if they have not passed their licensure exams. We continue working behind the scenes to protect some of the best social workers we know.

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Thank you to everyone who submitted a nomination for a leadership position.

The Committee is meeting to review the list of nominees and we will be in touch with you to obtain additional information for the election slate.

Significant Licensure Updates

2024 Annual Conference Workshop CEs 

Race and Justice Task Force

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NASW-FL is in the process of developing a Race and Justice Task Force. Carol Edwards is the chair of the Task Force. More information on this task force is forthcoming.

Please review two documents from the NASW-FL Board of Directors  on Racism and Social Justice and The NASW Ethical Principles for Activism and Advocacy for Antiracism and Social Justice.