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Chenora Adjei-Christie MSW - Unit Chair

Heather Parks, MSW - Vice Chair

Nancy Detweiler, LCSW - Legislative Chair

Brandi Davis, MSW - CCNLI Chair

Bercela Banda, LCSW - Secretary

OPEN - BSW Student Representative


Greetings NASW,

The Gainesville Unit continues to flourish, seeking a variety of ways to re-build our unit, provide continuing education for our members, and actively increase our unit membership.

As we continue our advocacy efforts in the face of the current administration and political climate, we recognize that there is strength in unity. Therefore we encourage our social work community to band together so that together we can stand against strong in the face adversity, and advocate for lasting policies, and demand change that preserve and protect our communities. 

Sha’Leda Mirra, Gainesville Unit Chair